As 2017 comes to a close and I reflect on the wild ride this year has been, my heart is full of gratitude.  Five months ago, I packed up my entire life and embarked on the new adventure of moving to south Florida.  Even though I was born and raised in Colorado, I always felt as if I was a landlocked mermaid.  I’ve lived a couple other places including Oahu, New Jersey and Utah, but I always returned to Colorado for some reason or another.

Colorado was an amazing place for me to be at one time.  I had a ton of friends, the art scene is thriving, theres a million live music venues, and of course snowboarding in the winter, stand up paddling in the summer and hiking year round, creating year round adventures. But, after marijuana was legalized for recreational use, Colorado became the promised land for every Tom, Dick and Harry. The cost of living quickly skyrocketed and all my favorite go-to spots for serenity were always filled with weirdly aggressive transplants. Those are just a couple of the reasons why Colorado had lost its appeal and the call of the ocean song was too beautiful to ignore any longer.

I bought an overpriced fixer-upper and gutted it from top to bottom, with the intention of moving as soon as possible. I just wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. After a few trips around the country, I finally settled on south Florida.  It’s gorgeous here and much less expensive, we are in a beach town and most importantly we have family here.  Another bonus is plane tickets won’t break the bank for visitors like they would if we’d chosen to go back to Hawaii.

Once I made the decision to move, everything fell into place rather quickly.  My home sold fast (as they all do in the Denver metro area) and before I knew it, I was packed up and rolling across the country in a 16 foot moving truck to my new home.  In retrospect it is kind of crazy how things all seemed to fall into place.

My kiddo is doing great at her new school and has even started participating in the National Junior Honor Society.   I am slammed with work and I don’t think I will ever grow tired of photographing families on the beach. One of the greatest things about it all though is having family nearby, and this week my daughter’s sister flew into town to surprise her for the holidays.  My heart is full or love, hope and contentment and I am grateful to simply live in the moment of new beginning’s.   2017 was a great year, and I am looking forward to what will unfold in 2018.

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