Tierro & Bridget Say “I Do!”

I’m not sure I can describe Tierro and Bridget’s love story with enough eloquence, so I will share Bridget’s narration of how they met and fell in love: “Tierro and I met through our best friends, Katie and Kurt, who serendipitously met on the West Coast through a song. They asked me to play violin with them at their concerts in Colorado in the summer of 2013, one of which was the very first Arise festival. During the staff party following the festival, the four of us made music together. From across the stage, he and I traded musical phrases which built to an epic jam! After the jam, he scooped me up and we kissed underneath a full moon.”

With their love story beginning so beautifully, I knew their wedding day at Sunrise Ranch would be incredible. Personally, I met Bridget many years ago while working my college job at a snowboard shop. We bonded over snow pants and quickly became friends and snowboarding buddies. She also shared her beautiful musical talents with me and played during my wedding almost 13 years ago. Bridget is a beautiful, kind and immensely talented soul, who draws like-minded people into her world, such as her new husband. She told me Tierro is a brilliant and incredible man to have captured her heart.

Bridget’s gorgeous flowers were created by Alison Giese, and the ceremony was officiated by Kaewyn Picard. Tierro and Bridget’s two best friends, Kurt and Katie, were the wedding singers, and Bridget’s fellow bandmate from Elephant Revival, Bonnie, sang a beautiful acapella song during the ceremony. It was the first time I’ve ever taken my shoes off during a ceremony, and I loved every minute of it. Their reception was a boisterous celebration chock-full of dancing and musical jams that had everyone grinning from ear-to-ear. Midway through the reception I finally put my camera down and basked in all the happiness, love and laughter that was everywhere.  How often could I say I watched my friend marry her love, during a breathtaking ceremony, followed by a raucous reception where they performed a beautifully written song together titled “I Do?”  It was truly a magically splendid day.

Want to see what the entire wedding looks like and order prints of your own?  Please visit here.

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  1. Uncle Michael Mauro says:

    This is Bridget Law (And now Tierro´s) uncle, I missed the deadline to purchase prints from their amazing wonderful wedding. Anyway you can re-share the link with me via email? Thank you! The pictures (From what I see) are beautiful!

    1. Gina Burg says:

      Hello Michael, There is not deadline on ordering prints. Please follow this link, enter your email address and have a look and let me know if you have any other questions! https://5280shutterbug.photoreflect.com/store/EventLogin.aspx?e=10138737

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