Greg & Hillary

We’ve all seen that internet meme that reads: “Friendship is weird. You pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘Yep, I like this one,’ and you just do stuff with them.” That is the perfect explanation for mine and Hillary’s friendship.  We met about 4 years ago while we were both working at a Denver music venue. We’ve both since moved on, but our bond was truly created when she agreed to participate in the Spartan race, which turned out to be by far the most difficult I’ve ever done.  We didn’t know one another very well at the time, but I was thrilled someone was crazy enough to do the race with me. Bonding over cuts, bruises, hurdles, burpees, leg cramps, mud and even more mud, we became fast friends by days end. We’ve been on many, many adventures since and her engagement session was our most recent.

When Hillary met Greg, I knew she’d found her person. She was literally glowing ALL-THE-TIME! He’s a funny and charming man, and the kind of loving person every girl wants their friends to find.

IMG_8796When they took a trip to Puerto Vallarta and Hillary called to tell me Greg had proposed, I was over the moon excited for the two of them. Shortly afterward this dynamic lady found the cutest way EVER to ask me to be her photographer. I am looking forward to their wedding next September, I know it will be a blast photographing these two lovebirds on their big day.




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