Johnny & Ina

This wedding held at Fairmount Cemetery was a dream for me to shoot. From the dresses to the flowers and the wonderful outside-the-box location, I was  absolutely thrilled. Little tidbits I learned  about the location is that Fairmount was built in 1890 and was the largest developed landscape west of the Mississippi, and it is gorgeous!

To give you a little back story and this dynamic duo, Ina and Johnny met online through a mutual friend and became “virtual besties” for 2 years before ever meeting.  When Johnny finally made the trek from LA to Colorado to meet Ina, she refused to pick him up from the bus station out of fear it would ruin their perfect friendship. Alas, Ina finally agreed to meet Johnny, and it was love at first sight.

I met the two of them close to around that time in their lives and have loved watching them grow into the funky, rock n’ roll, love-filled couple they are now. Together they emulate the philosophy that weird is wonderful, and I agree!  They even have their own oddities business Penny Orchid Eclectic.

For their wedding day an old caretaker’s house that has been converted to the Bride’s Room was filled with their wedding party and made things super fun.  The weather switched between rain, sleet and snow but only lent to their theme.  As expected, music was a very important part of the day and the bridal party walked down the aisle to a Ice Dance, a song from Edward Scissorhands and the flower girl, threw spiders and stars. Ina’s dress is from The Bridal Collection  and the moment she stepped out of the dressing room in her beautiful black wedding dress, all I could do was yell “Yes, Ina YES!!!”  I have much more I could share, but figure you’d rather see some photo’s than read a mini novel about their big day.

Location: Fairmount Cemetery

Catered by: Sweet & Cinister

Bridal Gown: The Bridal Collection

Makeup and hair: Flora Stark

Want more of Johnny and Ina?  Check them out here!

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