Jack & Jenn | Las Vegas Wedding

Jack and Jenn’s Las Vegas wedding at Caesers Palace was an absolute blast to shoot.  Though they live in California, Jack was determined to make sure Jenn (a people pleaser) would relax on her big day, so they moved the party to Vegas! The location was over-the-top gorgeous, but still didn’t hold a candle to Jenn in her gorgeous dress.  The look of pride in Jack’s eye’s just barely holding back tears (I had to say it!) when Jenn came walking down the aisle, escorted by her son Antonio made my heart went pitter-patter.  Jenn is my cousin who I had lost touch over the years, but through the invention of Facebook we were able to reconnect and discover how parallel our lives have been. Can you believe it? Something good came from social media! =) One example is that we are both wild about participating in different types of races.  However, while she does Ragnar’s I’ll stick with the Spartan’s.  I was very grateful when she asked me to photograph and be a part of her big day, because doing what I love for a family member is the greatest honor. Congratulations Jack & Jenn!  I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

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