Baby Hendrix

Look at this little man!  Isn’t he just so handsome? 3 years ago I photographed Hendrix’s big sister Audrey for her new born shoot (seen below), and it was great to be back afbgain and see the Olson’s growing gamily! The resemblance between Hendrix and his big sister as babies is uncanny. They are so similar, but still so different.  Audrey even joined in for a couple shots which ended up being my favorites from the session. After years of shooting babies and their families, I have found that the impromptu shots always turn out best.  Especially when the 4-legged siblings join in too!

I get asked a lot what goes into a newborn session and I always say that all I need is a sunny window and a table of some sort and that I will bring the rest.  If my directions are followed of how to prepare for your newborn sessions are followed, the sessions is flawless just like this one was.  I set up my phone in a corner during Hendrix’s session on time lapse, so you can see for yourself!

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