GIVE Denver Masquerade Ball

Over the past 6 years, I have worked on a variety of projects for the Denver Human Services and have become very passionate about many of their programs. From the Stand Up For Me – Foster Care Program, to the Denver’s Road Home Homeless project and last the GIVE Denver program, there have been a vast amount of creative endeavors. At one point there was an entire hallway painted in the building designed to mimic one of my designs! I of course thought that was totally awesome!

Held at the History Colorado Center and hosted by radio and TV personality Kathy J, the 6th Annual GIVE Masquerade Ball was a great success.  Mayor Michael Hancock gave a heartfelt speech about the difficult work being done throughout the city for foster children, the homeless, veterans, at-risk seniors and the underserved, and how important a program like GIVE Denver is. He explained that through donations made at events like the Masquerade Ball, GIVE Denver links foster and kinship families to basic necessities like shampoo, diapers and formula. As Mayor Hancock pointed out, difficult decisions sometimes have to be made on a moments notice where children have to leave homes without so much as a toothbrush.  That thought truly resonates with me of how bad things must be, and how hard of a job that must be for the case workers day in and day out.

Additionally, GIVE Denver ensures needy families have school supplies every fall, presents and food every holiday and gift baskets every spring. The staff at Denver Humans Services are all amazing people and work really hard to get things done. I’m happy I get to be even the smallest part of things by creating artwork for them or taking photos at events. It helps little ‘ol me feel like I am contributing something to this bustling and busy city.


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