Aquatique | Bitfactory Gallery

March Artists Showcase at Bitfactory Gallery with


March 3rd-31st – Opening First Friday March 3rd 6-10pm

Aquatique is the collaborative endeavor between photographer and mixed media artist Gina Burg and illustrator and painter Elle Powell. Their individual works in Aquatique are their love letters to the many stunning aquatic ecosystems around the world.

When Bill Thomason the owner of Bitfactory Gallery and julia2Artists Studios asked if I wanted to do a show, I jumped at the opportunity. The last couple years have been a rollercoaster ride for me and the thought of creatively expressing that through my art was very exciting.  I didn’t know where this journey was going to take me, but as you can see there is a definite theme to all the pieces.

When I started mapping out my ideas and scrolling through the thousands upon thousands of images I have taken over the years, I would go into a trance as I was working where the ideas and images just seemed to flow together.

Each one is a composition of photographs, where some are more obviously a photo and others have a painterly quality. Each composition is printed on canvas where I then paint on top of it, adding highlights and more dimension. Some images I take further than others with painting and some I leave with just simple highlights.

I was amazed at how many images I had to work with and am so grateful to my gorgeous ballerina niece who I made work really hard while photographing in the Jupiter Florida inlet. That water is only still for a matter of minutes each day.  Otherwise, it has quite the current. I also had an enormous collection of images of my daughter and there’s even one of me! I’m not telling which one it is though.

One of the wildest things about my creative endeavor was that I fully expected at least one of the images to be very dark.  But the more I worked, my mind was never able to go to a place that would allow me to create anything dark… Each image emerged as an expression of endurance, love and light and I can hardly wait to share them with all of you.


Please join me on First Friday March 3rd for the grand opening of:


at Bitfactory Gallery  | 851 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204 | 6-10pm

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