CycleBar | Southwest Plaza

I had an absolute blast shooting the CycleStars for Colorado’s newest CycleBar  located in the Southwest Plaza Mall. I’ve since had the opportunity to attend a few of their classes and I’ve become addicted to the almost euphoric feeling you experience throughput the day after a class.  The moment you walk into CycleBar, They 15875495_10210612904611680_518029615457331692_oturn the lights down low, pump the music and some of the girls even play music videos during class. Each class is an exhilarating 50 minutes, where you can pace yourself based on your skill level and ability. All you need for class is exercise clothes and socks, everything else is provided – even water bottles and towels! Clip-in bike shoes are provided as well and they’ll make sure you know how to use them. After class, when you feel like you’ve been sweating buckets there are bathrooms to shower in and clean yourself up, healthy snacks to much on and even chapstick for people like me who feel like they ALWAYS need it.  I can’t say enough good things about this place and the grand opening is tomorrow – check them out!





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