Mommy & Me

Man oh man, have the last few weeks been a roller coaster for me!  First I managed to drop a huge piece of granite on my ankle causing a trip to the ER where I learned that I “milked” the ligaments and would need to wear a boot for what will end up being 10 weeks. According to my orthopedic doctor, it would have hurt less if I’d broken my ankle! Second, after 5 long months of battling a terrible sinus infection, I had surgery.  Complications were caused by a deviated septum on one side of my nose, and a bone spur blocking the passage way caused by my kiddo head butting me one day when she didn’t want to leave the pool.  After years of problems, it finally became unbearable and all 4 of my sinus cavities (yes 4!) had become severely infected and I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

The surgery I had was a septoplasty with a bi-lateral nasal scraping.  Just the sound of it makes me cringe!  I vaguely remember coming out of anesthesia and my doctor telling me “Everything went perfect, but we really had to do some scraping.” Apparently my intended 90 minute surgery took 3 1/2 hours, and I feel like I definitely got my butt kicked by the procedure, but I am on the mend now and looking forward to feeling better and being able to breathe!

In between all this, I managed to crank out a full day of Mommy & Me Sessions, boot and all.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites in honor of Mother’s Day. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Please be sure to tell your Mom’s you love them! Be they Grandma, Auntie, Cousin, Stepmom and of course your bio Mom – we are all unique and should be celebrated!

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