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Red trim on French doors is tough!
Red trim on French doors is tough!

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been!  For the entire week before for my Santa Mini-Sessions, my Dad was in town to totally revamp my studio.  My space is now over the top gorgeous with new paint, floors and french doors and I am now handicapped accessible.  No more wonky door entering into my space! My Dad worked very long and hard 14 & 16 hours days to make things beautiful and I know how blessed I am to have him!  The studio looks wonderful and I am very excited to share it with everyone.

Unfortunately, I woke Friday morning with a wicked cold and still had a ton of work to do.  But lucky for me, I still had some help and the studio was done just in time for my Santa Sessions. There was definitely some 11th hour cleanup and painting the night before.

Saturday I woke still very much under the weather, but I knew I had to muster the energy to power through the weekend. My Santa was great and did so well with all the babies, kiddos and grown-ups alike.  The entire weekend was a blast, but there are two moments I really wanted to share.

One of the kiddos is normally very shy and I wasn’t sure what he would do IMG_7288when he met Santa.  To both mine and his Mom’s surprise he totally came out of his shell and was talking up a storm!  He even repeatedly hugged Santa, which for him is a very big deal.  The best part for me was later in the day receiving a text from his Mom that he told her “My heart almost blew up when I saw Santa because it was pumping so hard!”  Reading those words made me tear up, because that’s the reason why I was jumping through hoops with a bad cold to make things really special.  It filled me with so much happiness to know I’d put things into motion to make him and in turn his Mom so happy.

The second story is from another family where the Mom told me that she had grown up very poor and that the Holidays have always been a painful reminder of how rough her life has been.  We talked for awhile about it and I told her I think she can make the Holidays into whatever she wants them to be with her young, amazing little family.  She can make new traditions that are all their own to cherish and wipe those bad memories away. We were able to capture some amazing images of her family that I truly hope brings her one step closer to embracing the greatness of the Season.

All around the Santa Mini-Sessions were a success and I will definitely be doing them again next year!

Here’s a video of the french doors going in too.  They were quite the hassle, so this little clip was very important!

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