Oahu Cemetery Waterfall

With a bunch of people in town and a new bride determined to jump off a cliff with her new hubby on day one of her marriage, we set out for a little mini-hike at the O’ahu cemetery. Ka’Pena falls has a 30 foot cliff where y5280 Shutter Bugou can jump off into the plunge pool below.  Right next to it is a little waterfall that we all climbed on and the only thing my kiddo and I jumped off of.  Most waterfall’s on O’ahu are hidden deep within the rainforest and take quite a bit of hiking to get to, but this waterfall is right in the city!
We walked through the cemetery where my kiddo was fascinated by all of the Japanese headstones.  Some people might think it is weird that I let her explore the cemetery, but I believe an open and honest dialogue about life and death is an important part of raising a kiddo.  So is her seeing  and learning the differences of people from culture to culture. Add to it, having a waterfall to jump and play in made her first experience at a cemetery a positive memory that wasn’t scary and wasn’t awkward.

We were there for a few hours and several in our group took the plunge off the cliff, the bride groom went twice! My mama roots kept my feet on the ground below. It was fun to watch though!

If you go:  Take BUG SPRAY, Sunblock and water shoes.  There is a lot of broken glass in the area. The video below was taken by the brave souls who jumped off the cliff.  You can se how high it really is and the rest of us standing in the water below.

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