Movement & Inspiration from Rock N’ Roll to Landscapes

© Gina Burg | 5280 Shutter Bug |Wedding Photographer
© Gina Burg | 5280 Shutter Bug |Photographer

Located in the heart of the Art District On Sante Fe at 851 Santa Fe Drive, Bitfactory Gallery is a newly renovated art gallery with 13 rental studios available for rental to artists. For the month of July, Bitfcatory will be showcasing the works of Gina Burg and John Cutaia, with the opening reception this First Friday July 3rd.  Please join us beginning at 5pm.

Gina Burg’s works highlight the movement and light within landscapes. Burg aims to inspire the viewer to feel the passion for seeing these settings in person. By blending the mediums of film, graphic art and painting, she merges the real and the surreal to illustrate the moods of nature. With Burg’s unique eye for composition, she captures the feeling of motion through a dream-like quality of light. She has been taking photographs since she was a little girl after being handed a 35 millimeter camera from her father. Her love of art translated into a career in graphic design, which influences and often extends into her photographic works. She has more than a decade of professional photography experience and has worked with such artists as John Fielder who stated “I consistently can say whenever she hands over another file that it is another perfect Gina Design.” For more information on Gina Burg, please visit her website at: or her facebook page at:

John Cutaia’s works highlight his recent and successful transition into one of Denver’s most requested rock and roll photographers. This exhibition will include photographs of local and beloved musicians Hazel Miller and Chris Daniels, as well as international musicians Alejandro Escovedo, Gavin Harrison and Adrian Belew. Composer David Torn, who has lent his talents to the soundtracks of No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, and The Departed, will also be featured. Cutaia began this photographic journey by chance. A friend, who was a professional photographer, had sold Cutaia a used camera, and with this purchase he also received a lesson in night-time photography. Delving into the challenges of shooting into complicated light intrigued and inspired him. He uses negative space and the lack of light to his advantage within the dark atmosphere of bars and music halls. Making a photograph include the abstract to transform the view into a work akin to a painting is both the challenge and the goal of Cutaia. For further information on John Cutaia, please visit his Facebook page at:

Here are just a few examples of what you will see!

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