Denver Art Gallery Wedding I Gina Burg Photographer

I recently upgraded all of my operating systems, and while in the process of transferring all my files to a back-up drive for my new systems, I heard a sputter and then saw a spark and smoke fly out of my old computer. Meaning, I lost all of my files. All weddings, all engagements, all family photos shoots and even my own personal collection of photos of my kiddo from infancy to 8 years old. I was totally devastated. After I was finished crying, I put the fiasco behind me and  just kept moving along and shooting.  Fast forward a couple months to wedding season again and all my brides have been reading their blogs and know all the right questions to ask me about shooting their wedding.  One problem?  When my brides asked to see a full wedding shot by yours truly, I had nothing but a printed scrapbook to show.  More devastation right?  NO.  I decided to get together with some fantastic friends and vendors in a gorgeous space and style my own wedding day!  I scoured the internet, bought a gorgeous dress handmade in China for less than $200 and had a party!

I am so grateful to Bill Thomason, owner of the brand new (and spectacular) Bitfactory Gallery, for letting us take over his gallery for a day, the incredibly talented hair and make-up artist Nazla Rowan of Lash Up & Dye, beautiful jewelry loaned from Infinite Design Jewelers and wedding planner extraordinaire Amanda Blair of Your Lady in Waiting for helping me recruit some very patient and gorgeous models for the day!  It was a really fun day and unfolded much like any other wedding, with a little but of stress and whole lot of laughter! I am so very thankful to now have a full “wedding” on file to show my brides and grooms – and most importantly all my files are now backed up in 2 places. Never again will I lose files.  I have one seriously jam packed schedule of weddings, engagements and family photo shoot this summer! =)

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