Melody & Antonio Colorado Maternity Photo Session | Gina Burg

The day of Melody and Antonio’s maternity photo shoot, I had no idea what I was in store for.  I drive all over the state for my sessions, but the drive to their home in Bailey, Colorado was mind-blowing  beautiful.  Here in the city the leaves are just beginning to change, but 3 weeks ago they were at their full peak.  Melody and Antonio’s home is a little bit off the grid and I ended up becoming happily lost on the way to their session. Every few minutes I would stop and photograph the scenery, making the day a doubly fun for me. Lucky for me, I seem to have an internal homing device and even on occasions where I get turned around I always find my way.  When I arrived to their home I was greeted by their friendly dog and then stunned by the beauty of this couple.  Antonio is from the Caribbean and Melody is a world-traveler and I instantly felt a connection with them that I believe translated very well into their photos.  I am really hoping I get to return to capture this family again once their little one arrives, because I know it will be one gorgeous kiddo!


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