Allan and Julie Vow Renewal

My favorite part of being a photographer is getting a glimpse into the lives of who I photograph.  From engagements to weddings, to  maternity and newborn sessions I see people full of love and life and it fills me with great happiness to capture those moments.  A vow renewal though is a true testament of love.  I met Allan and Julie on the beach one night a couple weeks ago where we started chatting and I quickly found out they were on Oahu to renew their vows after 30 years of marriage.  I was stunned.  So many couples I know seem to just tolerate one another after the excitement wears off, but these two were clearly and simply head over heels for one another.  Over several conversations I found out more about them, how they met, moved in together within a few short weeks and were promptly married shortly thereafter.  Fast forward 3o years, their kids_MG_6640 are grown with one celebrating her own marriage this weekend, and their love and commitment has grown into something I have only seen a handful of times; true love.  Tried, true and tested these two have stuck it out and now that their kids are off living their own lives, in Allan and Julie’s own words have ‘fallen in love all over again.’ Just listening to them talk made me weepy, and that was before they renewed their vows!  Lucky for me, during their ceremony the crashing surf was loud enough that I could not hear a lot of what they were saying to one another otherwise my teary-eyes would have had a very hard time focusing my camera.  I cry at all weddings, but this one was absolutely exceptional and I can only hope that one day I have and hold dear what Allan and Julie do. These two are truly blessed to have found one another.


The love in Allan's eyes for Julie is palpable in this image.
The love in Allan’s eyes for Julie is palpable in this image.













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