Oahu adventures with my kiddo


Making the decision to come to Oahu for such an extended time was met with a lot of trepidation from people in my life.  Many asking ‘why would you go for so long?’ My only response was always why not?  Since we have been here, we have had so many incredible experiences that I am so grateful for.  From swimming with turtles, hiking mountains and waterfalls, snorkeling until we are totally waterlogged but most importantly have been the little snippets with my daughter.

Somewhere around our 3rd day here, I was watching her body surf the little waves in front of our place and she was unfortunately tossed around a little bit.  My belief in parenting is to only intervene when I am needed.  I don’t react unless I need to, even if I am a freaking out on the inside because I want Sloane to learn from her own experiences, not mine. So, I watched her get very angry and stomp out of the waves screaming “I hate you ocean!”  I watched and giggled for about 20 minutes while she stomped, kicked and slapped every wave that rolled in, until one large wave rolled in and rather savagely knocked her down.  She immediately popped back out of the water with an expression of complete surprise.  She plopped down in the sand and I watched her pout for a couple minutes before cautiously returning to the water.

Within a few minutes she was body surfing again.  After catching a couple waves she bounded over to me and asked if I’d seen what happened whenPretty girl she screamed that she hated the ocean.  When I said yes and that I saw how quickly she’d gotten knocked down for it too, she was excited to explain things from her point of view.  She said “Mom, I got really mad when the ocean knocked me down and I started to yell at her and tell he she was stupid and I hated her.  And you now what she did?  She knocked me down even harder.  But after I apologized and told her I didn’t really hate her, and I knew how important she was for the earth, did you see how fast she picked me back up to body surf?”    Little moments like that are what fill me with joy to live a blessed life where I can work just hard enough to allow us to have crazy adventures like the one we are on right now.  Most people I know can’t or won’t take the opportunity to travel. They’d rather buy the latest handbag, or fancy heels, not me.  I’d rather have a wealth of experiences and memories to share than a fancy handbag.  I’ve got my kiddo, camera, sunblock and a bed to sleep in where I can hear the waves of the Pacific ocean outside my window.  In my mind, that’s heaven.

Another thing that we do is never miss a sunset.  No matter what, every night we stop to take in the beautiful sight of the sun going down.  I am a night owl and always have been and I read a quote recently that sums up my feelings about the setting sun: “Some praise the Lord for light, the living spark; I thank God for the night. The healing dark.” – Robert W. Service. On that note, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite photos from the past couple weeks and short video of us playing in some tide pools.  Enjoy!

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