South Ka’ena Point

I decided  to start blogging a bit more frequently because of all the crazy adventures I get myself into.  I am definitely a “Try Anything Once” kind of girl. I am currently on an extended stay on Oahu with my daughter and it is only day 3, and we’ve already had some very incredible experiences that I thought I would share with explorers like me.  Also, several years ago when I was pregnant with my now 8 year old kiddo, I kept a blog journaling everything I went through and found over time that a lot of people were reading it!  I received some incredible letters from people around the world about my chronicles, but as time went on I got busier and busier and the blog fell by the wayside.  Well, now I have decided to start it again and am looking forward to will unfold.

Before our trip I searched all over  the web for easy, family-friendly hikes on Oahu and didn’t have much luck.  I found a few books, but none of them have any pictures and the descriptions are all pretty vague, leaving me wanting a little bit more.  For our first hike the kiddo and I set out to Ka’ena Point near Makaha.  It is a 5 mile trek out and back that runs along the ocean.  Sloane is good with about 4 miles before she will have an epic kiddo meltdown, so I knew if we wanted to do this hike it had to be close to sunset (when it’s cooler) and we needed lots of water. In the day and age of cell phones, I no longer use maps and let Siri and GPS guide us.  Unfortunately, Siri always seems like she’s been drinking and messes up the directions, but does at least get us in the general vicinity of our destination.  This hike was no exception to her drunken guidance.  She tried to send us the wrong way up a road, but I listened to my instincts and got us where we needed to be.

Hawaiian Goby Fish
Hawaiian Goby Fish

How to get there?  From Honolulu take the H1 highway past Kapolei where H1 becomes HI 93 (Farrington Highway).  Then take Farrington until the road ends. There aren’t any official signs, but there’s a small circular parking area.  There is also a dirt road, but unless you have a 4-wheel truck/ SUV with a lift, I wouldn’t try it.  We got out and walked along the road  for about a mile and a half before we couldn’t resist looking at the tide pools anymore,  We climbed down the lava filled hill to the ocean and played to our hearts content.

The tide pools were full of crabs, fish and snails and crazy little mudskippers (goby fish). I taught Sloane about the fish and how curious they are and how in less than a minute after you spook them, they’ll poke their little heads back out.  It was an incredible time and exactly the reason why we came on this trip; quality Mommy daughter time.   After about 3 hours, the sun started to set and we decided to stay put at the tide pools and see what display mother nature might kick up for us.  We were not disappointed.  The sky was spectacular and I was so distracted by the setting suns blast of color, I almost missed the rainbow behind me.  I broke out my phone and finally had a reason to use the panoramic feature and capture the photo below. iPhone’s cane be good for something other than Siri’s drunk butt! Lucky for me, Sloane is so used to a camera always pointing at her, she knows exactly how to ham it up and my the photo perfect!

After the sunset, we walked back to the car to the deafening sounds of crickets.  Holy smokes were they loud!  And just creepy enough to put some extra pep in our step for the sprint back. When we got home, Sloane was so wiped out she fell asleep eating dinner.  She hasn’t done that since she was a baby letting me know that the day had been well spent!

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