Maunawili Falls

Maunawili overlookMy kiddo and I have been all over this island hiking, because I feel like the best way to really see a place is on foot. You will notice little things that you’d never see like birds, or graffiti or a huge palm that looks like it is out of the dinosaur age.  Even though every place we go is beautiful, Sloane has been complaining that none of the hikes are ‘real’ hikes.  They’ve all been meandering strolls along the coastLittle Hiker or through manicured gardens.  I decided I would remedy that in the best way possible by taking her to 3.25 miles hike at Maunawili Falls, to get muddy, very muddy. Maunawili in located in a neighborhood in Kailua, so there is ample parking.  But, as usual do not count on Siri and her drunk ass to get you there.  Siri will make you stop about 1/2 a mile before the trailhead. Also make sure you bring water, bug spray (or you will be eaten alive) and towels to save your filthy shoes in after the hike.

Atphoto the trailhead you will see hiking sticks – GRAB ONE!  They’ve been used for  a reason. We started the trail daintily trying to avoid getting muddy.  A handsome young kid stopped us and told us to just give it up, there’s was no way out of getting muddy.  We relented a little bit at that point, but still tried our level best to not end up looking like some of the people on their return hike, covered in mud from head to toe. As we embraced the dirtiness, we started to really enjoy the scenery.  This hike is truly feels like another world.  It was hard to believe we were weren’t that far from our car surrounded by lush jungle and a rambling river.

Birds of Paradise

The hike is wanders up and down hills and has several steep inclines with stairs.  About 2/3 of the way up the trail we came across this canopy of branches that reminded me of something from Lord of the Rings.  Lord of the Rings Canopy Roughly 10 minutes after the overhang, we reached the overlook of the valley with the fog covered Mt. Olomana on one side and Kailua on the other, it was breathtaking!  After another 20 minutes or so of hiking, we finally made it to the falls and had an absolute blast.  It did take a bit of coaxing, but Sloane finally jumped into the falls with me as you can see in the video below. With all the stopping for photos and attempts to avoid mud, it took us 2 1/2 hour to make it to the falls, but only an hour and twenty minutes to get back down.  Still, the hike took our entire day which was perfect.  However, it did take 2 days full days before we were fully rested, but it was totally worth it!Falls at Manunawili








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